Tuesday, November 21, 2006

VHS dead at 30

By Chief Gizmateer
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

It’s official, Variety reports that VHS has died at the age of 30.
Once a groundbreaking media format, VHS has been suffering from loneliness for several years now and died of natural causes in 2006 survived by DVD, TiVo, VOD and DirecTV.
Consumers can continue to morn the passing of VHS by purchasing a piece of history at Toys’R'Us where you can still purchase “Barney” video tapes or you can find a multitude of VHS tapes at eBay.
Born Vertical Helical Scan to parent JVC of Japan, the tape had a difficult childhood as it was forced to compete with Sony’s Betamax format.
After its youthful Betamax battles, the longer-playing VHS tapes eventually became the format of choice for millions of consumers. VHS enjoyed a lucrative career, transforming the way people watched movies and changing the economics of the film biz. VHS hit its peak with “The Lion King,” which sold more than 30 million vidcassettes Stateside.
The format flourished until DVDs launched in 1997. After a fruitful career, VHS tapes started to retire from center stage in 2003 when DVDs became more popular for the first time.
Since their retirement, VHS tapes have made occasional appearances in children’s entertainment and as a format for collectors seeking titles not released on DVD. VHS continued to make as much as $300 million a year until this year, when studios stopped manufacturing the tapes. Posted by Picasa


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