Thursday, March 01, 2007

Blu-ray Getting More Popular than HD-DVD

While the HD-DVD was initially leading the race concerning the catalog of movies and video available on this format, thanks to cheaper standalone player, its adoption rate seems to slow down significantly.
According to Nielsen VideoScan, Blu-ray-based movie sales surpassed HD-DVD ones for the first time.
The launch of the PlayStation 3 could be the explanation for such results. Despite the lower than expected sales, the new SONY game console will dramatically increase the number of BD players.

SONY already won the battle concerning the availability and performance of blue laser-based drives for our computers; mostly because manufacturers released BD burners much faster than for HD-DVD format.
SONY might successfully develop a format that will be fully adopted by the consumer electronic market, after its previous failure in this quest with Betamax and Mini Disc.
Even if HD-DVD had a head start on Blu-ray in the HD movies format race, mainly due to the lower price of HD-DVD players and also to lower manufacturing costs for the discs, the Microsoft-backed format is now lagging behind.
For the first time since the launch of both formats, last month saw more sales of Blu-ray movies than HD-DVD.
This shift is supposed to be related with the wide availability of the PlayStation3, which sports a Blu-ray drive. And that represents a couple million units out there, probably more than what HD-DVD can claim, even with the late release of an add-on HD-DVD player for the XBox360.



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